The Drive-In

Friday evening (June 9th) was a first for me this spring/summer.  We went to the drive-in!  A girlfriend organized it to help get me out of my place and do something new.  A few friends came and I was able to sit in my zero gravity chair and relax for two hours comfortably.   Great [...]

Reflection: Pain Management

Through the past several weeks I've been very reflective on my first surgery and am comparing everything!  I can't help it.  I thought the first one went amazingly well (and it did, don't take what I'm going to say next as bad) but this time is going WAY BETTER! Pain Management I had absolutely no [...]

My Weekend of FOMO

There was one weekend near the end of Week 3 (June 2-4) that I had massive FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!!  And there was nothing that I could do to take my mind off of it.  This was the weekend of my best friends bachelor party (for which he flew into Toronto from Calgary to [...]