Demo Day

To say I was kinda excited may have been an understatement.  I was super excited to smash and rip things down at my friends house during his basement demolition day.  It was a fantastic way to release some pent up frustration and energy (which I would have usually done in a hard workout session or something).  The limitations (while lifted) were still there.  Sadly, they don’t just disappear when the doctor give you the all clear.

Life is far from the high energy, fast pace, no apologies pace that I had before surgeries (haha, I’m sounding way more hardcore then I really am).  I’m still a little cautious and reserved as I don’t want to mess anything up yet.  So… I released some energy (as you can see in the main image).

Carrying items wasn’t the focus for me.  I didn’t have the strength back in my legs or upper body or, let’s be honest, the footing (confidence) to do it.  It definitely didn’t help that it started raining, which caused the wooden steps to get slippery, which made me very uncomfortable.  If I can’t see the steps I’m walking down (even if dry or carpeted) I don’t have the confidence to walk down them.  I am working on getting that back, but it will take time.

The lack of confidence doesn’t come specifically from my ability to walk up or down the stairs in general, but more so from my inability to save myself if I trip or something does wrong.  That’s where my fear lies.  I know it this fear will disappear (as my right leg feels good) but both together aren’t there yet.  It still makes me fairly nervous.

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