The Day of Surgery

I was so excited the day had finally arrived! That means that I was one day closer to full recovery and moving forward pain free!! Yippee! I was on the verge of tears most the morning.  The kind and sweet messages that I received from friends, family and people that I had more recently met through my blog and [...]

Preparing for Surgery

Lots and lots of preparation!  A lot of organization and preparation goes into getting my home and myself ready for surgery.  I'll cover these in two difference sections: Home Prep: Bathroom A key area that I focus on is the bathroom.  Removing or taping down the shower mats (I just removed them, it's easier for [...]

Pre-Admission Day

While I was sitting waiting for the first of several people to see me I started to remember more about my first pre-admission day.  I had so many questions written down and was anxious to ask them, afraid I would forget some so my boyfriend and I had made a plan.  I'd ask the questions [...]

Mental Preparation for Round 2

I started getting nervous about surgery no. 2 on Saturday night.  A week and a half before my date.  Now, I can say that I have always had some nerves (which makes complete sense, their cutting me open) but I was feeling good about it.  But last Saturday, after getting home from a friends place [...]