A Mother’s Perspective

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

My mom wrote a little perspective and message regarding everything that has been going on and we wanted to share it.

When I first discovered my first born had Hip dysplasia, I was in disbelief.  You’ve been tested for that, I told her.  A couple of times, I watched the doctors do it!  – And I had a lot of guilt.  Not protecting my baby, I could have solved that problem from the get go.  But I guess you can only do your best and work with what the professionals tell you.  After talking to her surgeon, I felt a little better:

#1 – hip dysplasia in babies usually only happens in one hip.  So when she was tested, both hips would have felt similar.  Doctors would not have suspected.

She had a natural birth except for one thing – she got stuck in the channel.  I don’t quite remember the reason, or if there was one, but she was eventually brought out with forceps.  We will never know if that was a factor or a contributing factor.  

My daughter never quite walked right.  You could watch the strange hip movement from behind.  But she proceeded on with life, taking her pain as part of it.

As she is now a grown women, I can only wish her well in her next surgery and hope it goes as well as her last.  And yes, I will be by her side to support her and help nurse her back to the strong healthy women I know.

Just one more thing, as the surgeon told you, child birth would be cesarean.  You felt disappoint with that:

Don’t be.  

When your ready and our beautiful grandchild comes, – we will have a booked date (that’s helpful!) and it will seem so inconsequential in the whole processes of life.  

Love you


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