The Start of Physio

I woke up excited to start physio with Mark!  This got me motivated to do my videos of the hospital physio exercises I've been meaning to complete (on Instagram and YouTube). It's now been 1 month since surgery.  Leading up to my left hip replacement I would only dream of getting to this point.  Having [...]

End of Week 4

Monday, June 12 Got fully dressed all by myself.  I've done that a couple of times in the past week but it's been getting easier and easier.  The struggle of putting on underwear and pants is losing it's comedic effect and becoming more functional. Today was a trip to the Chiropractors.  I will be happy [...]

First Independent Outings

The weekend of June 10-11, during Week 4, was when I started to feel comfortable and had my first outings without the boyfriend/nurse. Saturday First of all Saturday started with me sleeping in! Without any assistance of drugs or being awake part of the night.  I actually slept in based on sleeping comfortably and not [...]

A Rainy Day

Sunday, June 4 The first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was how useless I would have been before my hip replacements.  All I could hear was rain.  For most it's calming and soothing and makes you not want to get our if bed.  Well, it does the same for me [...]