Week 2

Start of week 2 means time for the bandage change!  Time to see what's really going on beneath everything.  A glimpse into the scar.  I always get excited about the bandage change.  It confirms to me that things are moving forward. The top single stitch is where they put the tool in to measure the [...]

Hospital Physio Exercises

There were 6 exercises that I was provided while in the hospital.  Below I have outlined each and put a video clip of them on my YouTube Channel; you can also see the videos on my Instagram page (links at the bottom under the Social heading). Hospital Directed Exercise #1 - Ankle Pumps (you can also make [...]

The Hospital Stay

The hospital stay is lot of the same stuff over and over again with a few milestones. I spoke about Day 1 in my "The Day of Surgery" post. Lots of waiting and by the time my surgery was done there wasn't much time left in the day. It's an afternoon of relaxation... if you [...]