What it is like to go through hip replacements at 30 years of age

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn.  I am currently 32 years old and went through hip replacements, with bone grafts, at the age of 30.  The surgeries occurred 7 months apart in October 2016 (right hip) and May 2017 (left hip).

After being told that I required bilateral hip replacements I found it very hard to educate myself on what my experiences and expectations may or may not be.  All the research and blogs out there were catered towards older individuals (obviously!) since someone my age rarely requires such measures.  Even the blogs done by ‘younger’ individuals (no offence) were still done by individuals at a different stage of life (i.e. post-child bearing years).  I couldn’t find a resource for someone my age.

I am hoping that since I have now gone through this process (twice) that I can help others manage their expectations and not feel alone in the journey.  Throughout the last couple years I have learned a lot, and am more then happy to share the good, the bad  and the weird that comes along with surgery and life with hip replacements.

I hope this helps, and if it doesn’t, then at least it’s therapeutic for me.