Arthritic Pain v. Muscle Pain

In March (2017) I think I finally understood the difference between arthritic pain and muscle pain.  Before I thought I knew but now I truly understand.  Looking back it was a bit of a guessing game when trying to describe the pain to other people, especially since I had been told that there was no [...]

The Right Pair of Eyes

I always knew something was different. I don't think it was until I was older that I knew something was wrong. Honestly, the right person/team assessing you and looking at your imaging is sometimes all it takes, right?  However, finding that right person or team can feel almost IMPOSSIBLE!  I always had a feeling that [...]

Falling Wrong

A particular event comes to mine when I think of my left hip.  It wasn't until University when I got an x-ray of that hip that I learned that I either had a chip out of it or a healed fracture.  Surprise!!  No comments of dysplasia or anything, just either a chip or a healed fracture. [...]