Work Out Day at Home

I had trouble motivating myself to work out once my mobile was feeling more natural, about 3 months post replacement.  Physio has signed off, I was pain free and feeling good about myself and my basic functioning.  Just enjoying my abilities to be pain free and move. Were previously, I would work out to help with my pain management in the long-run.  A little pain now to push through, less pain later on a day to day basis.

My motivation for this work out at home was to get through the road trip that I had coming up (to New Brunswick from Ontario, going through the States, with my parents).  Having a purpose and goal was important.  And doing what I could before a 2-3 day road trip would be worth it!

I don’t usually work out at home on Saturday’s but with this being the first Saturday without rugby I was energized to get a workout in before heading out for the evening.

My work out consisted of 3-4 sets of the following:

Wall Squats w. Bosu Ball (10-12 reps)

Side steps w. resistant bands (10 reps a side)

Donkey Kicks w. ankle weights (10 reps a side)

These basic moves got me moving and prepared for the road trip ahead.

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