Demo Day

To say I was kinda excited may have been an understatement.  I was super excited to smash and rip things down at my friends house during his basement demolition day.  It was a fantastic way to release some pent up frustration and energy (which I would have usually done in a hard workout session or [...]


At about 3 months post-op I learned of a free yoga evening in the park (Rattlesnake Point).  It was set for every Wednesday in August and you only had to pay for park entry ($6.75).  I had been looking forward to this night for sometime. Before Surgeries I had always had an interest in yoga [...]

Hip Check Up Yesterday

Yesterday I sat in the same room, on the same table, as I did 2.5 years ago. This is where I was told that I needed bilateral hip replacements and everything changed. Now I sit there, happy for the changes, and thankful for my new lease on life.  It's been just over 2 years since [...]

First Day Back at the Gym

3 months post-op First day back at the gym!  I was so happy!!  I didn't do anything other then physiotherapy exercises but being in a new (different from home) environment was very encouraging and uplifting.  It gave me new motivation. I didn't use weights yet.  Just a mat or two and a band.  A feeling [...]

First physio since OHIP sign off

My first physio session since being signed off from OHIP (August 11/17 - 3 months post-op). Side Note: for those that aren't from Ontario (or Canada) OHIP is the Ontario health insurance plan that covers medical stuff.  They cover physiotherapist following hip replacement surgery up until a certain point.  I'd say probably about 80% functionality [...]

A Vulnerable Position

I figured something out a while ago, but hadn't spoken about it yet as I wasn't sure how to communicate it or explain it properly. I've found a weak position for my right hip joint. There is a body position, better yet an angle, that I can put my leg and body into that can [...]