My First Night in Heels

I’m always exited for date nights.  While the bf and I spend a lot of time together (running our business from home), it’s important to have quality over quantity time together.  So we always make the point to have date nights to re-centre our relationship and remember how it all started.

This was my first night in heels since before my first hip replacement!  I was so excited.  But man, I needed to practice walking in them again.  Just like learning to walk again after hip replacements, it’s the same when putting on new, more challenging set of footwear.

When you first do something, that use to cause you a lot of pain, it can feel like a dream.  Or like your on very good pain killers without the side effects.  It’s weird and hard to explain but once you experience it you’ll know what I mean.

Anyways, we were dressed up and ready for dinner.  We went to The Keg.  We had a gift certificate that I received months prior for my birthday that we had not been able to get out and use.  The bf wasn’t use to me being so tall.  It’s honestly probably been 2 years (or close too) since I had last worn heels.  My steps were small, my pace slowed down a lot compared to wearing flat shoes.  My bf almost ran off on me with his long legs.

We usually try to have a date night prior to surgeries because we knew that it would be a while before we would have some quality time again without assistant devices, pain killers or something.

It wasn’t until part way through dinner that we realized that this was our first date night in over a year where we didn’t have a surgery, physio or doctors appointment hanging over our heads.  It was a realization that we had made it through the toughest part and were now able to move forward with our lives.  All of the events from the last 2 or so years had put our lives on hold, it was all finally behind us.  And while I wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be physically, the major madness was OVER!  It made me want to cry.  What a relief this realization was for both of us.

We both took a deep breath at this fact and took a moment to appreciate the potential of our new normal.

As for the evening in heels, which was really just the walk from the car to the table at the restaurant, it made me so happy.  I hadn’t been this mobile in heels in a long time.  It definitely was work, had to think about my steps and several stabilizing muscles were activated that hadn’t been used for a while, I felt it the next morning.  All worth it though.

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