At about 3 months post-op I learned of a free yoga evening in the park (Rattlesnake Point).  It was set for every Wednesday in August and you only had to pay for park entry ($6.75).  I had been looking forward to this night for sometime.

Before Surgeries

I had always had an interest in yoga and while I did it once and a while and found some of the stretches very beneficial, there was a time when I just wasn’t mobile enough to be comfortable doing it.  My hips felt to rusty and painful (even with meds) to push myself through a session (at least as frequently as I would have preferred).  Especially once I knew the solution was coming (hip replacements), I focused more on specific pain management and strengthening exercises to prepare for surgery.  Which I realized yoga would have been good for but it caused me to much strain and discomfort (there were nicer ways for me to do something similar).  Part of it may also have been my lack of flexibility, cause I use to be VERY flexible in the past, but at the time before my surgeries I could barely stand/sit/walk/bend over.  There may have been some resentment and sadness about the past flexible and capable me.


Had a lot of this before surgery, some after… who am I kidding, I still had some even 3 months out.  It’s a journey.  I didn’t know what I should/shouldn’t, could/couldn’t or would/wouldn’t be able/capable/allowed to do.

Did that all make sense?

They don’t exactly have instructions for 30 year olds with hip replacements.  Surgeons will always cover their butts when speaking about what your limitations and abilities will be like after replacements.  Better safe, then sorry (Which I completely understand).

I haven’t asked about EVERY activity and ultimately it does depend on the individuals strength, mobility (in general) and drive.  I reply a lot on my therapists for post-replacement abilities and limitations.  Take it step by step.  Paying attention to what my body is telling me.  I find that to be the key to my success.

My First Yoga Experience with Hip Replacements

I loved loved loved it! It went even better then anticipated (Cause honestly I had no expectations going in).  I was more capable then I imaged.  There was only one point I stopped as it felt like a bit to much (can’t remember which position/move that was).  BUT the balancing poses were good.  I was more stable then I anticipated.  I even did pigeon pose!!  When I did it, I couldn’t believe it.  I was able to get down with the right leg in front and hold the position comfortably.  I was also able to get close with my left leg (the more recent replacement) and held that for a moment or two.  So exciting!  I couldn’t stop talking about it for a few days following.

If I hadn’t challenged myself, I wouldn’t have realized how far my recovery had come.  I would have continued assuming I couldn’t do some of that stuff.  So glad that I ventured outside my ‘new’ comfort zone and began to explore outside my post-replacement comfort zone.

3 thoughts on “YOGA

  1. Hello! I am soo happy you tried yoga! I am 9 weeks post op of LTHR ( I am 32). I am happy you are able to push yourself as I am a little worried about what I am going to be able to return to doing. Pre surgery I did CrossFit 5-6 days a week as well as Yoga. My surgeon had advised me to “never break 90 degrees,” even after 3 months. His theory is, if you never break 90 you will never rest dislocation. I’m definitely following all my protocols now but reading your blog today is giving me hope for my mobility! I hope you keep kicking butt and thank you!

  2. Hi. I am so pleased I found your blog. Thank you for writing it. There is so little information out there for those of us that bit younger with metal hips. At the moment I am only in initial stages of recovery (2 weeks post op) but I want to do things like yoga which I wasn’t sure I could do.

  3. Absolutely agree. I am post-op 5 weeks total left hip replacement and 36 yr female. I am struggling with adapting to “intimate activities” not sure what is truly ok. The lack of information has had me an emotional wreck feeling as though I am gonna be crippled and restricted for the rest of my life. Honestly terrified I will never be normal again. Wonderful and encouraging to hear from others doing so well!!

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