Getting Comfortable Back at Home

Being back at home was wonderful!  Week 4 was off to a good start except for the shower situation, that would be an annoyance for a little while still.

I did a lot of the preparation and organization in the home prior to leaving for the hospital, even though I knew I wouldn’t be back for a few weeks.  I like to be prepared and organized, if you haven’t figured that out already.

Tuesday, June 6

It was so nice to sleep in my own bed.  I didn’t wake up once, even though we are sleeping on our regular sides again.  No problem with bumping my incision (or being bumped) in the middle of the night.  I still woke up with my backside sweating though… uhhhh (can’t wait until I can move more and that stops).  However, I do recall rolling onto my side a few times just for a change in position and helping me get to sleep (that’s one of the first times I’ve been half comfortable to do that).

Yesterday involved so much movement (physio assessment and coming home) and stairs that I could really feel it when trying to fall asleep.  A bit of restless leg, a bit of muscle soreness.  It was a little annoying because I was exhausted but also nice to know that my legs are feeling worked out.

This morning I came down the stairs alone!  First time.  My boyfriend said it was fine last night as long as I wasn’t doing it half asleep (he needed to catch on some sleep himself).  I then made myself coffee and sat alone on the couch relaxing.  So peaceful and relaxing in a quiet house in the mornings.

Wednesday, June 7

Still can’t sleep in much but that’s alright (I’m a morning person anyways) and that’s what afternoon naps are for!  Made myself coffee and worked on a puzzle.  This is VERY exciting for me as I wasn’t able to do this the last time around. I couldn’t sit for any period of time or have the concentration needed to work on a puzzle, so this is what I did all morning! (I love puzzles haha)

In the afternoon we went to pick up a cheque and do some banking (the business operations never stopped), as well as pick up my shower chair from my parents.  Well… I just ended up showering at my parents.  I feel so much safer in their shower and am not ready to attempt ours yet since we have a full bathtub and not a bathtub chair (there is a difference between a shower and a tub chair, just for when yours looking into the tools that you may need).

I had another milestone today!  I lifted my leg into the vehicle without the assistance of my other foot!  This is huge and a good sign for my leg strength.

In the afternoon a friend came over and brought his dog, Jax!  So cute and made me realize I was missing Luna (my parents dog).  There is nothing better then pet therapy.  So many cuddles and smiles. It was nice to make a dinner and have someone over to the house.  Mind you the boyfriend did most the work.  I’m not allowed on the balcony (where the BBQ is) right now as the bottom isn’t stable enough for my crutches (there are grates on top for drainage, not unstable in general but not quit good for crutches).

Thursday, June 8

Finished my puzzle!  I’ll start another one once payroll is completed.  Uhhhh, real life.

I got a lot of work done today.  Did a lot of computer work.  My butt was getting very sore near the end.  I had to go lay down and take some pressure off.

Independence is becoming more normal for me.  The stairs are something I often do on my own to move around our 3 floor home.  I will take it very slowly if I have a cup in my hand and am heading down to the office (both crutches on one side of me), that’s the only time I feel more venerable.  But otherwise you will find empty water glasses on each floor that the boyfriend has brought me and I (or him) haven’t returned to the kitchen.

Dinner tonight was fully cooked by me!  It was steak chunks in steak and garlic seasoning in one pan.  Followed by broccoli and red onion in another cooked with garlic and Worcestershire sauce.  It was pretty good, the boyfriend loved it after rugby practice (Yes, I was completely alone and cooking!  Huge steps in independence!).

Speaking of rugby practice, since it’s Thursday that means it’s beer at the club day!  And I crutched (walked) by myself to the club.  We don’t live far and I wanted to try.  So using 2 crutches I headed to the club.  I made it easily actually (Although my arms were a bit sore when I arrived, let’s be honest!).  I had texted my boyfriend to tell him I was coming and he actually passed me on the street in our car (he had to stop back home) and said he’d pick me up on the way back (cause I didn’t want to get in the car).  well by the time he came back around I was already in the parking lot.  I made it!!  I would often walk to the club before surgery (not sure the boyfriend ever has… ever – like honestly it’s only 800 metres) so i knew that it was short and simple but crutches can change even the simplest things.  So I’m glad I could do it!  Makes me feel like I have more freedom.

Friday, June 9

I’m still having to travel to my Mom’s house to shower.  Pain in the ass but super simple compared to my place.  However, as tomorrow is the first hot day of spring, it would be nice to pop in the shower to at least rinse my body without a trip to my Mom’s.  We will eventually figure it out.  Also, we will eventually be able to switch our shower head that will help a bunch! (we haven’t been having trouble loosening the one that is already on there).  The removable shower head makes a world of difference for independence and feeling like your not drowning in the shower.

The Weekend

It was a hot weekend!  On Sunday we went to my parents for dinner, and more importantly to shower!  It’s annoying not to be able to shower at home right now.  I would have loved to shower Saturday night to rinse off the sunscreen, bug spray and sweat but wasn’t able too.  Baby wipes helped though (better then nothing!)

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