The Drive-In

Friday evening (June 9th) was a first for me this spring/summer.  We went to the drive-in!  A girlfriend organized it to help get me out of my place and do something new.  A few friends came and I was able to sit in my zero gravity chair and relax for two hours comfortably.   Great evening out!

Pros to the drive-in:

You get to sit in your own chair and not something that may be uncomfortable or require you to bring your wedge (for which you sometimes have to hope it fits/works in the chair).

You can also just sit in your vehicle if that is more comfortable.

You also have the freedom to stand and more during the movie if needed.  Cause sometimes you can only sit for so long.

Mainly, freedom!  That’s the general overall aspect.

Cons to the drive-in:

Public bathrooms (but that’s would be the same to anywhere you go post-surgery while still on restrictions, so nothing new).

Second, uneven ground.  Now this can be a challenge depending where you are in recovery.  Getting there with some day light allows you to see and maneuver to your spot, if you sit outside your vehicle.


The drive-in is a great place that doesn’t have the crazy crowds and things that would otherwise deter me from leaving the house during recovery.  I highly recommend it.

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