Initial Physio Assessment (& Going Home)

On June 5 I had my initial assessment with my physiotherapist and was going to be able to go back home! So much excitement!!

After breakfast and a shower I headed to Brant 730 in Burlington for my initial physiotherapy assessment.  It was great to see people again. I always enjoyed physio (even the harder days) as it meant I was pushing forward and working towards full function.

The assessment itself went well and was very affective as they already knew me.  We talked about how I’ve had trouble with my quad this time around and how my mobility and everything else felt 100 times better.  I learned this is great news! (Don’t get me wrong I know it good news but it was even better then I thought). My assessor, Farah, informed me that my gluts were working well and that the quad is easier to re-build.  Last time we had to do major work on my gluts as they had not, nor probably ever, been firing properly or AT ALL.  She anticipates my recovery being faster as it does not take long for the quad to return.  SUPER FANTASTIC!!  The goal of being cane free at my bestie’ wedding mid-July is getting closer and more manageable.

An exercise that she got me to do during the assessment was to lay on my side and try to lift my newly operated leg up.  I did it!!  I absolutely could not believe it.  It took me FOREVER (months) to be able to do that the first time around with my right.  That took so much focus and training to get my right leg to react.  This assessment is very motivating!! ahaha although I am well aware that not all of them are, my first one wasn’t (when I came following the first surgery…. I was so lost).

She also informed me that everything seemed good and that Mark was on vacation for this week but that I was Ina position where I could wait until next week to start with him.  Gladly!

After that good news morning and booking all my appointments the boyfriend and I headed back to my parents to pack up so we could finally head home.  Moving 3 weeks worth of your stuff and my assistant devices back to my home.  While I couldn’t be happier with all the help and being at my parents I was also super excited to be back in my own bed.  Yeah!!  My only concern about my house, compared to my parents, is the shower situation. We don’t have a walk-in shower.  Some people might be worried about the amount of stairs in my house (we lives in a three storie above ground home, so stairs are mandatory) but I’m looking at them as good strength training… though I won’t be able to walk up and down them on my own without someone around for a little while still.

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