Week 10 – Dog Sitting

Dog sitting was the name of the game at week 10 following my LTHR (Left total hip replacement).

Having Bruno for a week made me move!  It’s made me get off the couch and walk, and I’ve really appreciated it.  The simple act of walking a few times a day has helped a TON with my mobility and strength.  Bruno loves to pull on the lease so my upper body has also gotten a good workout.

I grew up with dogs so having one around for a week was really nice.  It’s good company and kept me active.  We had a minimum of 3 walks a day, sometimes up to 5 (he’s a high energy dog).  He truly needed someone to run him but I was not capable of that.

However, I did lightly jog across the width of a soccer field twice, slowly mind you.

After the first day or two walking Bruno I was feeling it in my butt, which was GOOD!  Physically I was feeling stronger in my muscles and better with my conditioning.

Mentally however it was a different story.  During this time there were a few moments when I thought I was just going to break down.  Not being 100% made taking care of Bruno challenging.  He was separated from his family and had his own bit of anxiety, I was trying my hardest but was on my own for the most part.  So in the mornings when I was still a little tired, worn down and a little sore a walk was challenging, but in the end I think it was important that I pushed through and got the job done.  It helped me prove to myself that I was able to do it, I was able to get up and get things done.

I wanted to keep the walks up but that hasn’t been happening.  I returned to my old work habits and now feel like I barely walk much in a day, not due to pain but due to computer work.  I got a fit bit for Christmas and that’s pretty much confirmed it (ekkk).

It’s easy to think that since you are in less pain (or pain free) that you will be moving more.  It is true but there is also the reality that you may finally feel comfortable sitting for longer than a few minutes, and time flies when you don’t have your body screaming at you to move.  And this is what I have found.  I can sit down and forget to move.  I just can’t win.

So I’m trying to find new motivation for walks, for movement (other then the gym), and I’m sure once it warms up a bit more I’ll be out and about with more ease, but it’s so hard in the winter months.

What has been your motivation to move keeping pushing after surgery?  What’s going to get you going?

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