It’s was finally time to tackle the house!

Lots to do!  So I made a list and it wasn’t short. (I love lists, they make me feel so much better, more organized and motivated to get it all done).

I like a certain level of cleanliness.  I like when things are in their place and stuff is organized.  So I wanted our stuff all situated and to do a little bit of a fall de-clutter as well.

Cleaning To Do List

My boyfriend is care free (and away in the states).  This was my chance to do several things I haven’t be able to do or capable of doing for a long time.  Even when I was ‘healed’ after the first replacement the arthritis in my other hip prevented me from doing what I used to do, just push through the pain.  When we moved into our current home I wasn’t capable of doing a lot and didn’t want to drive everyone crazy with directions (they were already doing so much for me).  So needless to say my home didn’t feel properly organized.  Key things were put in the appropriate places for surgery recovery but that was about it.  It wasn’t ‘my’ home just yet.

It felt empowering to be able to do everything on my list.  Period.  Let alone do it all WITHOUT pain!!  I have never enjoyed housework so much (don’t tell my boyfriend… shhhh)

If you’re able to read the list (and my bubbly hand writting) there is something I wasn’t capable of completing on my own, organizing the garage.  This shouldn’t be surprising, even if I was back to a level of incredible strength that would still be very challenging.  So that wasn’t yet done but I was okay with that.


It was through this weekend that I continued to realize how big of an impact the hip replacements had on my life and daily function.  It’s been priceless to me and honestly makes me a little emotional thinking about it.

Life has simplified in my head, and in my body.  I am no longer expelling loads of energy into simple tasks, like walking between stores in a strip mall. I don’t mind it all now!  I kinda look forward to it.

Walking between stores

Returning to, and now enjoying, some daily boring aspects of life (such as housework) has brought new light to everything.

How have you enjoyed the small changes? Or what are you looking forward to being able to do?

I never really thought of housework as something I would find joy in following surgery, but it was something I was looking forward to being more capable of completing.

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  1. I love a list too 😁 Its the small things that make a huge difference. Im only 5 weeks post Op but things are getting easier day by day. I love being pain free, its changed my whole outlook on life x

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