A Vulnerable Position

I figured something out a while ago, but hadn't spoken about it yet as I wasn't sure how to communicate it or explain it properly. I've found a weak position for my right hip joint. There is a body position, better yet an angle, that I can put my leg and body into that can [...]

‘The Bleeding Edge’ Documentary

How can I not address this documentary, it's everywhere right now from hip forums to Instagram.  It isn't something that I can ignore and not touch base on. If you didn't know what I'm talking about Netflix recently released a documentary about medical devices and I watched it.  It's called 'The Bleeding Edge' is explained [...]

Took Some ‘Me’ Time

First of all, sorry that I have been away from the blog for a little while.  Things had gotten crazy busy and once it all slowed down a little I wanted to take sometime for my friends, family and myself.  So much has happened over the last 2 years that I had not really allowed [...]

A Grande Adventure

At the end of February I received a message from a girlfriend (the one I do adventure races with) who was attending a corporate retreat up north. She sent me a bunch of text messages asking if I had ever heard of Robyn Benincasa. Robyn is an ex-extreme adventure racer, has had several hip replacements [...]

Silly Frustration

Yesterday I had a frustrating moment.  While recovery is going great and I couldn’t be happier with being pain free, change can come in unexpected and surprising ways.  There are lots of aspects of recovery that we don’t think about when we get started.  And even if we happen to think about it we don’t [...]

Focusing on Scar Tissue Treatment

Week 11 was my first physiotherapy session back with my athletic therapist, Chris, after being released from OHIP weeks earlier.  I was looking forward to this but also knew it was going to hurt. Our focus was on the scar.  We hadn't got to any scar work yet on my new incision and I really [...]

Time in the Rain

Spending time in the rain since hip replacements has been a completely different experience, and something I’m truly learning to enjoy and appreciate.  Now I understand that even for people without arthritis spending time in the rain isn’t necessarily enjoyable but once you add arthritis into the equation it’s a whole other story. Another men’s [...]