Update on Testing Request

An update from my last post: Yesterday I went to see my Family Doctor to talk about some testing I’m interested in having done.  Like I spoke about last week in my post I always wanted to get some kind of metal toxicity testing done to make sure I didn’t have any odd levels of anything in my system post-replacements.

Well, what’s interesting is that my Family Doctor doesn’t really knew how to go about requesting that type of testing, where to get it done or how to get it done.  She has never come across anyone asking for medal toxicity level testing (and honestly neither have I), at least not in Canada.  Metal allergy testing is more common and something that can be done easily, but that’s different.

It was nice to be able to speak openly with my doctor, I know not everyone has the ability to do that (I know that an old Family Doctor of mine would not have even entertained the conversation topic).  I was honest that there was no urgency for the test but that I am just more interested in having some testing done to be able to monitor or confirm everything is okay (I’m definitely curious).

The conclusion from my appointment was that I was going to find out more information about my specific replacements and ask my Orthopedic Surgeon about it when I see him for my follow up.

My Family Doctor is going to do some research on how we may be able to go about it.  It will likely cost me out of pocket, even though I am in Canada.

I am feeling fine and I don’t believe that there are any problems (and hopefully never will be) but I am interested in starting this conversation with my physicians.  If something were to come up in the future (*knock on wood*) I’d love to already have an idea of what the process may be.

The open line of communication is calming for me.  I don’t need anything done urgently, by any means, but want to make sure that I am keeping my curiosity feed with knowledge and education.

Has anyone been through a process like this before? Any suggestions on resources?

I’ll keep you guys updated as I learn more.

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