My Organized Thoughts

Below is an outline of my released posts for easy review.  I have categorized them to assist you in finding what you may be looking for, some posts may appear in more than one section:


Falling Wrong


The Right Pair of Eyes


Mental Preparation for Round 2

Pre-Admission Day

Preparing for Surgery

Surgery & Hospital Stay

The Day of Surgery

The Hospital Stay

Hospital Physio Exercises


The First Few Days (and Nights) at Home

Riding in Cars with New Hips

Week 2

‘Staple’ Removal Day

Week 3

My Weekend of ‘FOMO’

Initial Physio Assessment (& Going Home)

Getting Comfortable Back at Home

The Drive-In

First Independent Outings

End of Week 4

Costco Trip

Birthday Bash Weekend

Big Crowds and Crutches

6 Week Follow Up Appointment


Hospital Physio Exercises

Initial Physio Assessment (& Going Home)

Start of Physio

First Full Week of Physio

Being Released from Physio

Life After

3 Day Road Trip

Week 10 – Dog Sitting


Arthritis Pain v. Muscle Pain

Hip Dysplasia: It’s not just for your dog!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Long-Term Medication

A Mother’s Perspective

Reflection: Pain Before Replacement

My Weekend of ‘FOMO’

Reflection: Pain Management

A Rainy Day

World Arthritis Day

A Flashback of an Old Hip Road Trip

Set Goals, Hit Milestones and Celebrate

A Valentines Message to Myself

*This page will be updated as posts are released