It's was finally time to tackle the house! Lots to do!  So I made a list and it wasn't short. (I love lists, they make me feel so much better, more organized and motivated to get it all done). I like a certain level of cleanliness.  I like when things are in their place and [...]

Being Released from Physio

At this point, July 24, 2017, I had not seen my physiotherapist since before leaving for PEI (July 11) and was looking forward to learning the next step. Well I got released!  To be honest, I know this recovery has felt easier and quicker than the last but I didn't expect that.  I'm no where [...]

3 Day Road Trip

At 9 weeks post-op (left hip), beginning of July, we headed to PEI for my best friends wedding. I had just started to drive 6 days earlier.  Yes, it was to the grocery store, and yes, the boyfriend was with me but still a major step forward (both of our vehicles are standards so both legs [...]