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Beds & Getting Up in the Morning

My bf loves his low bed.  When we moved in together years ago we kept his bed frame as our main bed.  I got use to getting up (literally, it’s so low) from a much lower bed then I ever did in my life.  I basically felt like I was sleeping on the floor.  I didn’t mind it that much at first, it was something different.  While I struggled a little in the mornings I tried to keep my mind positive – ‘Hey, it’s good exercise.’

As time went on and my hips got worse it got a lot harder for me to physically get out of bed.  I would often grunt and make noise’s when doing so (some how the grunting noise helps increase your strength haha).  I would mention that getting out of bed was a bit of a pain but I don’t think he understood.  And at this point I don’t think I really did either.  He loved that bed frame as he had always wanted one like it, and bought it just before we started dating, so I felt bad asking him to switch it.

The problems with the height of the bed frame didn’t really come into full view until after my MRI results.  I started to hint and ask if we could switch the frame out for the one we had in the guest room (a normal height).  It wasn’t something that I pushed for cause everything hurt at the time so I didn’t think it would make a huge difference.

However, nearing the date of my first surgery we switched the bed frames since there was absolutely no way I would be recovering in such a low bed.  Once we started using the ‘normal height’ bed frame I realized how easy it was for me to just slide out of bed, rather then stand up out of it.

Low Bed – 15″ high, including mattress

Post-Surgery/Recovery Bed – 28″ high, including mattress

Recovery, as I mentioned, would have been impossible in the low bed frame (I break 90 degrees just sitting in bed). The ‘normal’ bed frame height was a must!

In August, following my second replacement (3 months post-op), I was at a point in my recovery that I was comfortable changing the bed frame back to the low one.  Boy, was the bf happy.  It’s the small things in life, eh.

The change for me was weird.  I had gotten use to getting up from a seated position, not a squatting one.  It took some getting use to (and strength work).  The grunt to stand is now gone and I can get up and out of the bed quietly and effortlessly.

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