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First Day Back at the Gym

3 months post-op

First day back at the gym!  I was so happy!!  I didn’t do anything other then physiotherapy exercises but being in a new (different from home) environment was very encouraging and uplifting.  It gave me new motivation.

I didn’t use weights yet.  Just a mat or two and a band.  A feeling of looseness/weakness had been occurring the last little while and starting to worry me a little, which honestly was my own fault as I wasn’t keeping up with the exercises and stuff.

Everything after the second hip replacement just felt so much better and so much quicker that I wasn’t as meticulous with the strength training exercises.  And now that I can sit, stand, walk, lay down (EVERYTHING) without pain I haven’t had the same drive to keep up with the exercises for pain management and strength building (as I did pre-surgery and most of my life).  I needed to find a new drive, not just react when something wasn’t feeling right, weak, loose or simple was good as I wanted it too.

During my first evening back I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself.  I wasn’t at a point of a ‘normal’ work out but I wanted something a bit more fun to get me motivated and moving again.  I found a bit more fun the second day when I played around with the Bosu ball to see where my flexibility and movement was.

On Day 1 I did these physiotherapy exercises:

I was feeling more motivated and energetic the second day, I did the same stuff, but with more intensity.  With the help of the Bosu ball I was able to do a back bridge!  SWEET!

This day I was on my own (boyfriend wasn’t with me) so I felt more comfortable playing around.  Not that he would discourage it, I’d just rather laugh at myself and explore my mobility (without taking major risks) on my own time at first.  He can laugh with me another time when I show him what I have been up too.

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