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Another Weekend Away with Friends and More Questions

I was nervous about the sleeping arrangements for this weekend. Everyone was in tents.  I was worried about sleeping on an air mattress, I wasn’t sure how my hips and legs would react.

Luckily, on the way up (I went with girlfriends as the bf wasn’t coming until the following afternoon) a friend offered me a bed in the house.  I was so thankful, a mattress is just more supportive then a camping one and it helped with some of my anxiety.

All functioning is becoming more and more normal at 3 months.  I’m analyzing less and less before taking action (even with simple things).  I didn’t feel like I had to over think much this weekend.  I just sat, chilled and attempted to go on a hike with two girlfriends (the trail was very overgrown) but that was unsuccessful, not due to hip things though.  The weekend was relaxing.

A lot of curious questions (more so then my rugby friends) since I hadn’t seen some of these people since before my second surgery and others before my first surgery!  Lots of fundamental questions, process questions and ‘What can’t I do now’ questions. Anything you could think of.  And of course, me being me, I was more then happy to answer them all, all over again.

At 3 months out, from my second replacement, I am feeling comfortable and like I am setting more into a new normal.  A functional, mobile and happy normal.

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