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Birthday Bash Weekend

There was a lot of prep and organization that went into my birthday party.  Honestly, I almost didn’t even do anything (didn’t necessarily feel up to it) but my boyfriend encouraged me otherwise and ultimately I’m glad he did.

Side Note: the feature image above is from the previous years birthday cause honestly I didn’t really take any photos this year.  The focus was on friends and appreciating the moment.  So much has happened since that photo was taken and I’m glad your following along in my journey.


On Friday I ran errands for my birthday party with my mom in the morning.  Fortino’s (for the cake) and Dollorama for the materials for Battleshots (yup, I decided to build a drinking game).

I spent most my day working at the dining room table on the game.  It was fun to get creative and design something.  It was hard to reach and get a few things done simply because of my mobility limitations that are still in place (and that I just physically can’t do).  Reaching across the table to draw lines for example was challenging.  Sitting wasn’t a problem (I was on my wedge mind you) and I didn’t get much tightness in the legs (as they are starting to get use to everything).  Mind you I still took some breaks and laid on the couch a few times.

Side Note: I often forget that sometimes people just don’t know how to walk with someone on crutches.  I found this when I went out with my mom.  While I spent a lot of time at her house being our in public is different when maneuvering and walking with crutches.  She just didn’t know if she should be beside me, ahead of me or behind me.  It was very confusing at first.  She would often stop in front of me to wait for me but I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. I prefer that if there is a small area that the person not on crutches goes first.  I prefer to follow, it makes me feel safer so if someone or a cart comes out quickly it almost hits an able body person, not me recovering from hip replacements.  Also, my mom sometimes stood to close to me, which didn’t allow me to even move my crutch.  You can also walk behind someone on crutches if they prefer.  So yes, it can be challenging, but just be patient and let the other person know what you need (nicely).


Birthday Bash Day!  I went out with my mom to Plato’s Closet and a few other stores to see if I could find something new to wear… sadly I did not.  It is hard to find even a shirt when you aren’t physically feeling yourself.  Nothing seems to fit the way you want it too.

The rest of the day I relaxed and finished the Battleshots game.  I knew it was going to be a busy evening/night so I didn’t want to exhaust myself before things even got started.

Two girlfriends came over for diner (I made them food… winning!) and we relaxed until we left for the party.  It was nice to have the day to myself since the boyfriend was away at a rugby game.

I still needed a lot of help setting up, since I’m still crutching around but I’ve learned to live with that (still a little bit of a struggle for me).  That’s where my friends were stepped up and didn’t complain at all (their so sweet).

The evening was a great success and while I wasn’t the first to leave the party I wasn’t the last!!  (score!)  Ever since surgery I’ve been going to sleep at 10-10:30 pm at the latest.  So this was a long and late day for me.  I think I crutched home at about 1 am (the party was held at the rugby club so super close to my house). I had gone downstairs with my boyfriend (cause they are steep stairs) to use the bathroom and knew that I didn’t have the energy to stay any longer (or get back up the stairs) so I headed home.  I didn’t get to say bye but everyone understood.

That night also wasn’t about getting drunk for me.  The cider was actually making my stomach a little sore.  While on crutches I don’t want to drink a ton and f@&% something up so it all worked out!  Also meant less of a hang over for Father’s Day.

My boyfriend offered to walk me home from the party but I told him not to worry about it and to go back upstairs and enjoy things.  However, once I got into my house I realized I could have used him for one things… to take off my left shoe.  I had worn sandals that zipped up at the back and while I could easily take the one off my right foot I was puzzled for a while about my left (newest hip).  I eventually brought my foot up to my butt and reach backwards to unzip it but I was sure for a while that my boyfriend would find me in bed with one shoe on.


Father’s Day!  I’ll be honest while I was at my parents I slept a lot!  Napped most of the afternoon on the couch until I made my Dad dinner.  Now, I joked with him that I was just spending time with him the way he spends time with me in the evening (sleeping on the couch while I watch TV).


My actual birthday!  I turned 31.

This is also the day I got to get my hair done. At almost the 5 week mark I would never have been able to sit for that long of a time after my first surgery.  There was no physical way I could do it.  This time around I could! I was so excited.  I went back to blonde and my months of grey was gone (Yes, I have a ton of greys, it runs in the family… I’m an old soul, my hips, well not any longer, and hair, in a young persons body).

Getting my hair done helped me feel even more like my normal, new functioning, self.

I headed into my next year with fresh hips and my hair done.  This years going to be a good year!

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