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Costco Trip

After my first physio sessions it was time to go to Costco.  I headed in with both crutches and the guy at the entrance recommended (and encouraged) that I use a buggy.  I was hesitant.  I don’t see myself as someone who requires it (even though I’ve had two hip replacements… may not make sense to some I know) but I sucked it up and took one. (It was so much easier to make the leap with a supportive boyfriend encouraging you as well).

After reading all the instructions we starting shopping.  It took a couple of minutes but I got the hang of it.  And, yes, it beeps when you back up.  It can also turn on a dim!  It’s fairly slow, but that’s properly for a good reason.  People don’t always see you but look super apologetic about it when they cut you off or almost hit you.  The gentlemen at the front said I could leave/set my crutches with him so I didn’t have to go around with them but I felt like I need them with me to justify the buggy (same struggle I first had when my cane… I don’t look injured/disabled so I feel judged).

A side note: the basket may seem smaller (then the cart) but I ensure you they are practically the same size!  It’s insane.

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