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End of Week 4

Monday, June 12

Got fully dressed all by myself.  I’ve done that a couple of times in the past week but it’s been getting easier and easier.  The struggle of putting on underwear and pants is losing it’s comedic effect and becoming more functional.

Today was a trip to the Chiropractors.  I will be happy once I am off the wedge in the car.  I mean it helps me feel better but sitting on it in the car can be a bit annoying.  My head doesn’t rest properly on the head rest (yes, I know the head rest can move) and my back feels a bit bent.  Like I’m sitting in a chair that wasn’t constructed properly (Cause dah… the car seat isn’t meant to have a wedge on it, and the wedge wasn’t designed for a car seat).  If anyone has found a wedge that is meant for a car then let me know!

Anyways, back to the Chiro appointment… I got myself face down on the table all by myself!  Independent women!!  BOOM!  I peeked my head around the corned to tell my boyfriend.

I’ve been a little annoyingly happy for him today (or at least for this early in the morning) but that’s what happens when I feel productive and boy have I felt productive today.  It honestly all started with me unpacking and hanging some of my own clothes up this morning.

Then when we got home from the Chiro I got a bunch of work To Do’s completed that had been lingering.  Also, I finally put all my drugs away (from my drug bag) and bandages and whatnot from my incision management stash.  Finally, I organized my office.  Labelled some baskets, scanned and filed material away.  Whenever I feel organized my spirits go way up!  So now I may be even more annoyingly happen when the boyfriend returns home later…. but I don’t care hehe

Walking the stairs in my house is getting easier.  My right leg (the first replacement) use to get sore and tired after a few trips but I don’t notice it anymore.  The muscle strength is returning which is awesome.

I walked down the street to the mailbox on my own.  I mailed a letter for work.  Small wins for independence.  One step at a time (literally).

No nap today but I did still have some down time.  Sitting with my leg out/up on a glad surface.  I don’t like to sit upright all the time.  I want to stretch out and not get my hip/quad/other muscles to tight.

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