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First Independent Outings

The weekend of June 10-11, during Week 4, was when I started to feel comfortable and had my first outings without the boyfriend/nurse.


First of all Saturday started with me sleeping in! Without any assistance of drugs or being awake part of the night.  I actually slept in based on sleeping comfortably and not feeling like I needed to get up and move.  Small wins!

Saturday’s a rugby watching day.  I sat on the bleachers all day, while not breaking 90 degrees.  I sat with my left leg stretched out straight on top of the row of seats in front of me.  A friend applied sunscreen to my left leg for me and I got the rest.

That night was the women’s rookie night.  I left the club with a good friend of mine, Coop.  We stopped in my place, grabbed a change of clothes, stopped in the LCBO (liquor store) and then off to her house we went.  It was nice to be out independently from the boyfriend.  First time really since surgery.  This only happened since I was so mobile.  Coop’s backyard was grass, deck and stone.  I was alright crutching through the stone part while there was still light.  I didn’t stay to late as I’m still recovering and her backyard isn’t light up so I didn’t want to trip or have any problems.  It was so nice to just hang out with all the women.  My boyfriend picked me up at dark and we headed home.

The rest of my evening was spent watching TV in bed and relaxing.  It was a long, active, great Saturday.


Relaxation was key today.  Yesterday was very busy and lots of physical activity.  My 2 girlfriends came over and we chilled in the sun and shade at the local park (yup, that’s me with the hug smile in the image at the top of the screen).  We caught up on everything that’s been going on with us and also just sat reading.  Second outing without the boyfriend/nurse.  More independence!  Whenever friends see me after a while (or in this case for the 1st time since surgery) they are always surprised about my mobility and how I’m doing.  Happily surprised, not bad surprised.

Shhhhh… don’t tell my surgeon, I sat in a car seat without my wedge.  Mind you it was a 60 sec car ride but I knew I wouldn’t break 90 degrees with my leg stretched out so it was all good and within my restrictions.

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