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Hospital Physio Exercises

There were 6 exercises that I was provided while in the hospital.  Below I have outlined each and put a video clip of them on my YouTube Channel; you can also see the videos on my Instagram page (links at the bottom under the Social heading).

Hospital Directed Exercise #1 – Ankle Pumps (you can also make circles with your ankles).
Flex your feet, then point your feet and repeat.  Immediately after surgery they told me to do this exercise 10 x every hour to ensure the blood is circulating and there are no clotting problems.
Following the hospital stay I continued to do the ankle pumps 3 x a day with 10 reps each, with the other exercises prescribed my the hospital physiotherapist.

Hospital Directed Exercise #2 – Thigh muscle activation
Push the back of your knee down into the bed while your feet are flexed (this will cause your feet to raise up off the bed).
Hold for 5 sec
3 sets of 10

Hospital Directed Exercise #3 – Butt Clench
As simple as it sounds. Laying or sitting down clench your butt and release.  This can be done laying down in bed or while sitting in a chair.
Hold for 5 secs
3 sets of 10

Hospital Directed Exercise #4 – Quad over roll (may require assistance)
With a roller under your knee lift your foot up off the bed. Do not lift your knee off the roller.  You can also place the roller higher up your thigh.  The further the roller is from your knee (towards your butt) the harder the exercise gets.
Hold for 5 secs, SLOWLY lower your leg.
3 sets of 10

Hospital Directed Exercise #5 – Knee Bending
While laying down and with the assistance of a towel, place the towel behind your knee (may require assistance), and slide your heel along the bed towards your butt. Use your arms to pull the towel towards your hips to assist with the bend.
In the video I have a blanket around my foot since it’s been 4 weeks since surgery. This allows me to keep the leg straight without providing as much assistance to my leg when pulling it up (It allows me to help more at the top to help increase the bend).
Do not break 90 degrees! (although honestly, you don’t be able to for some time even if you wanted too, everything is pretty tight)
Hold for 5 sec, then slowly slide your heel back down
3 sets of 10

Hospital Directed Exercise #6 – Bridges
While keeping your operated leg straight out on the bed (NOT seen in the video) tighten your butt and lift your hips up to the ceiling.  In my video I have both my legs bent up (as it was 4 weeks post surgery) and the bridging does not break my 50% weight barring restriction.
Hold for 5 secs, slowly lower back down.
3 sets of 10

Please go to my YouTube Channel or Instagram to watch the exercises – links at the very bottom of the page under the Social heading.

Have you received different hospital physiotherapy exercises?  I’d love to hear about them.  Comment below or send me a message.


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