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Falling Wrong

A particular event comes to mine when I think of my left hip.  It wasn’t until University when I got an x-ray of that hip that I learned that I either had a chip out of it or a healed fracture.  Surprise!!  No comments of dysplasia or anything, just either a chip or a healed fracture. (I’d love to get my hands on those x-rays now)

After years of thinking about how I might have caused that trauma, I might know when it happened (although I could be completely and utterly wrong)

I specifically remember when I was younger (not exactly sure of my age – tween or early teens) but I remember falling while skating.  That shouldn’t be surprising as a figure skater you fall all the time!  This fall wasn’t from a jump or anything ‘intense’, it was a fall where you just fall WRONG.  I remember exactly where I was.  I was facing the end of the ice, about at the blue line, with my legs crossed and my left leg not wanting to move.  It hurt, it hurt bad but something I always did was get up and continue on.  However this time, I knew that in order for me to get up I just had to force it (that probably should have been a red flag).  I remember taking a deep breath and just moving (with some force), getting up off the ice and out of peoples way.  When I sat on the bench for a couple of minutes to get my breath back and calm down, as there were tears in my eyes, a coach (whom I’d know since I was 4) made a little joke, that I’ll never forget:

Do you know why you can’t break your butt?  Cause there’s already a crack in it!

It made me chuckle and while my left hip was still sore it helped me to move forward from the fall.  Just another bump at the rink, no biggie!

However, looking back at that event now I have a feeling I may have partially dislocated my hip, or broke the top off at least (cause I don’t know what dislocating my hip feels like… or maybe I do).  I cannot recall any other life event where something might have happened before that x-ray in University.

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