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Arthritic Pain v. Muscle Pain

In March (2017) I think I finally understood the difference between arthritic pain and muscle pain.  Before I thought I knew but now I truly understand.  Looking back it was a bit of a guessing game when trying to describe the pain to other people, especially since I had been told that there was no arthritis in the hip, so of course I didn’t equate the pain and problems to that.

Having 1 hip fixed has shown me the difference.  While I am still in pain and can’t wait for the left hip to be replaced it has also been a blessing to experience and understand the dramatic change that I am going through and feeling.

Mind you, there are other reasons that I didn’t get the hips changed at the same time, but I am adding this to the list.  If they were done at the same time I don’t think I would have known or understood the extent in which I was in pain before.  This has allowed me to truly be thankful for the new hips (although still being in pain sucks!)

I still have a bit of trouble describing the pain difference but I am working on it.

Arthritic Pain – I have a lot of limitation and pain when moving my joint.  There will be wet and rainy days were I basically become useless.  I can’t sit for long and must lay down to alleviate any pressure on the joint.  This pain is not always easy to push through as the joint for me just isn’t reactive.  On the bad days it feels like I lose power to my entire leg (mind you there is basically no joint left in my case so it may have to do with more then just arthritis).

Muscle Pain – soreness, aching and something I can push through.  While muscle pain is a pain (pun intended) it is something that I know I can work through.  Often getting the muscle moving again helps loosen up the stiffness and ultimately makes it feel better (at least for me).  Rolling out the muscle, either way a hand roller or a lacrosse ball, or cupping (something that I swear by!!) helps to break up the knots on my legs.

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